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Finding Your Why

October 5, 2023

Finding Your Why In this video I show you the Secret and Steps for making sure the business that you pursue is fulfilling and a way to get the support and guidance to help you every step of the way Be Honest with Yourself! It is all about having an honest conversation with yourself. Why are you pursuing your venture? What is it that you’re wanting to achieve and why? Break it down as far as you can. What would […]

Welcome to Business to Self

October 5, 2023

Why are we here? Business to Self has been created to help others avoid the same mistakes that I’ve made along my own business path. You see, I’ve tried multiple ventures before, multiple different paths to starting a business. I kept going in circles, failure after failure until I realised a critical factor for a fulfilling business. This together with receiving the right support and structure has enabled me to build Business to Self in a way that is not […]

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