Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

In this video I show you the Secret and Steps for making sure the business that you pursue is fulfilling and a way to get the support and guidance to help you every step of the way

Be Honest with Yourself!

It is all about having an honest conversation with yourself.

Why are you pursuing your venture?
What is it that you're wanting to achieve and why?

Break it down as far as you can. What would it mean to achieve your financial goals? Trying to tease out the reason for wanting more money, the reason for your goals. What's next once you have achieved them?


Let's get started with building a online business, based on your passion and with a solid foundation.


Write it down, Make it Visible & Repeat

How often do we think about something that we need to do or want to achieve and forget it as soon as the business of the day starts?
Commit to your WHY by writing it down. Leave it a day and come back to see whether you still resonate with what you've written. Make tweaks if you need to. This is YOUR WHY!

Your WHY becomes the core for your venture. Make it visible through a vision board or a notepad that you regularly access. Building a business around your WHY gives you a powerful tool to use when the going get tough. Use it!

Your reason for starting your own journey may evolve with time. What starts as your main driver may become secondary in order once you start to reflect on your purpose. Don't panic, this is normal. Reviewing your drivers as they develop and repeating the steps of getting them front and centre helps to ensure that you and your business remains on the same page.

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