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Why are we here?

Business to Self has been created to help others avoid the same mistakes that I've made along my own business path.

You see, I’ve tried multiple ventures before, multiple different paths to starting a business. I kept going in circles, failure after failure until I realised a critical factor for a fulfilling business. This together with receiving the right support and structure has enabled me to build Business to Self in a way that is not only fulfilling but sustainable to set me on a path of success.

How are we going to help?

I will be sharing my own journey capturing the learnings, tips and tricks as I learnt them, and also what I did to overcome some of the obstacles along the way.

Through business to self, you’ll be able to link in with a world-class education platform. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or brand new to the idea of having your own business. This platform, the same one I used to build Business to Self, will help guide you step-by-step to build a online business with substance and a solid foundation.

Ultimately, Business to Self is here to make sure You and your business fits together like a well crafted puzzle.

Puzzle Piece Connect

Let's get started with building a online business, based on your passion and with a solid foundation.


What is the next step?

This first step is Finding Your Why! This is a critical step to ensure that you and your business is fully aligned.

Why do you want to start your own business?
What is your ultimate goal?
Why is this your goal and what would it mean if you achieve this?

Check out my Finding Your Why post for the steps on how to build a fulfilling business

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